How to create a Vector Portrait



Welcome to the Free to use Vectorize tool to generate vector files from raster images.

Have fun creating vector art from selfies or portrait photos. Use simplify to smoothen the paths or use dither option to create distorted vector.
Create vector art portrait from your profile photos. Follow the steps given below.

1. Goto
2. Browse your image to place it on the stage.
3. Increase the number of colors to something more than 10.
4. Select similar colors from the from section.
5. Select a color from the to section to whom the from colors would be merged.
6. Click the merge button at the middle section to merge the colors.
7. Repeat the same process to generate a low color vector image of your profile photo.
8. Change the color of the final vector file from the color pickers on the top right section.
9. Download the final vector as a SVG file.

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